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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   What is a ‘mobile crèche’?
A.   We are a crèche facility that travels to you! Wherever you are holding an event, party or celebration we will come to the venue, set up our crèche and care for the children whilst you enjoy your celebrations in a nearby room.

Q.   What age range do you care for?
A.   We can care for children aged 0-8 years.

Q.   What if a child coming to the event has a disability?
A.   We are more than happy to care for them too! We will need to discuss their requirements in more detail prior to the event to ensure we have suitable care in place such as wheelchair access.

Q.   How many children can you look after?
A.   We follow OFSTED guidelines on child:adult ratios as follows:

  • 0-2 years 1:3
  • 2-5 years 1:4
  • 5-8 years 1:8

Q.   How much will it cost?
A.   You can find some guideline prices on our ‘Prices’ page which outlines the services we provide. For an exact quote we will need to speak with you to discuss your specific requirements. We have no ‘hidden costs’ and we will be very clear and honest with you about pricing from the very start to ensure there are no unexpected bills! If you have a budget in mind we are more than happy to put together a package for you based on that.

Q.   Who pays for the cost of your services?
A.   Some of our customers pay for the whole service for their guests, and some ask the parents/guardians to contribute towards the cost, it is completely up to you, after all, it is your event! We do require payment in full at least 10 working days prior to the event.

Q.   Do you feed the children?
A.   We can supervise feeding, although we don’t provide food. We can provide water or low sugar squash by arrangement if it has been agreed to by the parents/guardians.

Q.   Do I need to bring anything for my child/children?
A.   If your child is still in nappies we do ask for a suitable number of these to be supplied as well as wipes. We will return any unused items when your child is collected. Your child will not need any money so please do not allow them to bring any into the crèche as this may get lost during play. We also cannot accept any responsibility for any lost/damaged valuables so please ensure you do not leave any with your child.

Q.   My child is on medication, can you prescribe them to my child whilst they are in your care?
A.   Our insurance will not allow us to prescribe any tablets, medicine or any other form of medication including insulin whilst the children are in our care.

Q.   What if my child won’t settle?
A.   If after 20 minutes we cannot settle your child we will come & get you from the event. You are then welcome to stay with the child until they are settled or remove them from the crèche.

Q.   How will I know who will be looking after my child/children?
A.   All staff will be dressed in uniform with our logo on so we are easily recognised by children & parents. We are happy for all staff to meet & have a chat with any parents before they leave their children if they are feeling apprehensive about anything.

Q.   Can my children leave the designated room / area when they want to?
A.   Children can only be collected from the crèche by a parent or other person who has been nominated to collect them on the child’s registration form which must be completed for every child prior to them being left in our care. If the child needs to use the toilet, they will be escorted there and back by a member of staff so that they are never left unattended in the venue.

Q.   What checks have been carried out on the staff who will be caring for my children?
A.   We are very proud to be able to say that ALL of our members of staff have full CRB clearance, unlike many competitors. Also we can guarantee that there will be AT LEAST one member of staff present who has completed a paediatric first aid course.

Q.   Are you insured for accidents/spillages or any other incident?
A.   Although this type of occurrence is very rare, we do have a full, comprehensive insurance policy in place.

Q.   What safety procedures are put in place?
A.   A full health & safety audit is carried out on each room we use at each venue prior to the event. This covers emergency & fire procedures, safety hazards and checks made on all doors & windows in the room to ensure maximum security. All of our toys and equipment we provide is regularly safety checked and all electrical equipment is PAT tested. All parents/guardians are asked to complete a registration form prior to leaving their child in our care, this is to ensure we have all required information about each child (name, age, allergies, special requirements, nominated adult to collect them & an emergency telephone number). We take health & safety extremely seriously and we know that safe children are happy children.

If you have any other questions or concerns not listed above then please feel free to get in touch, we will be more than happy to discuss them with you before and during the event.